A great kitchen starts with a great design. At Lavish Kitchens, we’re redefining kitchens by blending old-world craftsmanship with the latest design methods to create a bold, functional beautiful space you love to come home to. Eat, cook, relax and entertain. Our custom kitchens are designed for beauty and designed for life.

From traditional and timeless to sleek and contemporary, a fusion of profiles, materials, textures and finishes create a bold, edgy esthetic that reflects your unique lifestyle. We’ll change the way you think about kitchens.


Though a contemporary design is sleek and minimal, it’s far from plain or simple. Clean lines, crisp edges and an open clutter-free space are hallmarks of modern design. Sleek and streamlined doesn’t have to be boring. Choose a monochromatic palate in a variety of materials or warm up a fresh white space with hints of walnut. The options are endless.


Fall in love with traditional kitchen style. Classic and timeless, shaker cabinets, layers of molding, embellishments and historical hues blend the feeling of old-world craftsmanship with modern day design. Carved details, decorative brackets and glass front cabinets all work together to steep a kitchen with classic charm.


A mixture of traditional charm and contemporary chic, a transitional kitchen can strike just the right balance in a home. Blend natural materials, like stone, granite and wood with gleaming stainless steel for a result that’s truly distinctive. The balance of clean, simple lines in contemporary design with the warmth and sophistication of traditional style creates a cohesive space with plenty of possibilities.